Sunlord Bridge donated by Sunlord at Shanghai jiaotong university's 120 anniversary(SJTU)

The opening ceremony of Sunlord Bridge was held in SJTU on April 7 in 2016. As the donors of Sunlord Bridge, the CEO of the Nanjing Sunlord Electronics Corporation Ltd.-----Mr. Sha Zhihong,who is the alumni of SJTU in 1991. With the vice-chancellor of SJTU-----Mr.Zhang Ansheng and other leaders attend the ceremony together. and Mr. Sha and Mr. Zhang cut the ribbon for Sunlord Bridge.




Charity Foundation of Nanjing Sunlord Electronics Corporation Ltd.

Anlang teaching school located in Anlang village of GuiZhou province which is one of the poorest area in the town.There is no school in the village, most of the children have to walk more than 10 miles to the nearest yuan tian elementary school.It is inconvenient for children to walk such a long distance to get educated. Because of the government's vigorously support and the help of loving people from society, they set up the Anlang teaching school to teach children.

Charity foundation of Nanjing Sunlord Electronics Corporation Ltd. giving the school urgently needed supplies in 2014. It included large outdoor slide, children's nap bed and a full set of bedding, all kinds of books, stationery and toys.This year, we learned that the school in need of a computer, Nanjing Sunlord donated a computer for the school which including video, headphones, speakers.we have carefully selected a batch of books for the children, a total of 126 copies, contents include pictures, picture books, stories, etc.,hope to be able to increase their fun of learning. When the children received books, they can't wait to read, every smiling face, it all makes our happy.