The top ten local distributors!

SUNLORD has won the award of outstanding performance from the electronic components distributor in 2017

  - the top ten local distributors!

On October 20, 2017, by the international electronic information (the largest media group in the field of global electronic technology

leading electronic management magazine published AspenCore) sponsored by the "2017 annual global distribution and supply

chain leaders summit" was held in shenzhen,

Hundreds of distributors, IC original factory elites and purchasing professionals from IDH, OEM, ODM and EMS are present at the event.

The director of Sunlord , Edward Sha, as the guest speakers and BBS guests was invited to attend the summit.

Along with the leading industry industry chain, under the background of "made in China 2025",the opportunities and challenges of

distribution industry and the future development of e-commerce platform are discussed in depth.







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