Japan's six electronic parts factories’orders soaring highs

As Japan news reported that the as iphone 6 (apple) has been on sale, the demand for the electronic components is strong; (Murata, TDK, Kyocera, Japan's electricity production, Alps Electric and Nitto electrician), compared with the last year, the last orders amount in last season (July ~ September) rose 13.1% , up to1.26 million yen, compared with the previous season (April to June) it was higher of above 100 billion yen. It made a new record since 2008.

The Report showed that Murata and TDK were the most extraordinary among the six factories last season for the reasons that besides orders from apple, orders from Chinese smartphone increased such as MI phones, so their orders rose 25% compared to last year. In addition, orders from SAMSUNG electronics were weak. But the demand for LTE machine from China increased.

Therefore, Kyocera and other four factories of electronic components last season got the growth at 10%. According to reports, Murata decided to build a new factory in fukui prefecture in Japan to produce subminiature capacitance; Chinese factories of TDK for filters, inductors and capacitors were of full load condition, so the TDK was considering to increase investment.

AppleInsider and MacRumors reported that the Apple CEO Cook (Tim Cook) pointed in a conference call that the iPhone Plus 6/6 of supply and demand had been in a different planets (not on the same planet), and expected that it was difficult to achieve balance between supply and demand in 2015.

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