The market of crystal oscillators spread, the products evolve to be miniaturization and high precision.

Beijing Jing Yu Xing technology co., LTD. has been cultivated for 12 years in the crystals market,  whose products positioning in the fields of military, automotive electronics, telecommunications, industrial control, electric power, medical industry, Internet, etc. At the IIC last year, jing yu xing has brought a series of he SMD crystal and vibration products with small sizes (7050, 5032, 3225, 2520, etc.) . As for the trend of the crystals market in the future, the general manager of the company believes that the crystals is a kind of more traditional electronic components, however, as the rapid development of the various types of electronic components, it has led to the rising demand for crystals products. As for the current supply situation, each manufacturer increases production to meet market consumption growth.
Specific to the product technology development route, the general manager said that to be more miniaturization, high precision, high reliability will become the mainstream for crystals products. For example, on the product volume, SMD crystal market still is given priority to with 3225, the product model from Jingyuxing company can achieve 2520 minimum, and they still stepped up research in 2016. In order to improve product stability, reliability, the temperature stability of the production of SMD crystal can achieve: + / - 10 PPM, the temperature stability of SMD crystals can achieve: + / - 10 PPM ~ + / - 50 PPM, the output form such as TTL and CMOS, PECL, an LVDS, and the products can adapt to a wide temperature range, - 40 ~ 85 degrees in industrial-grade; Auto level - 40 ~ 125 degrees in army. According to introduction, the factory production capacity is 8 million/month, including products applied in military, automotive, industrial and commercial grade, etc.
In addition to products supply, Jingyuxing also pay much attention to customer service. The general manager said, at the early stages of the product development, the factory can provide the free samples Second, according to the needs of users, the company set up ware houses in Beijing, Shanghai and shenzhen, equipped with a spot of product; the delivery cycle of normal product is about 1 week, it helps customers to solve the order cycle is long. In addition, in after-sales service, jing yu xing has arranged experts to help users to deal with the problems arising from the use.
In recent years, traditional crystals markets suffered from the impact of the new product such as MEMS oscillator. The general manager that MEMS oscillator has achieved rapid development after 2005, compared with the crystal oscillator, MEMS oscillator in such aspects as delivery cycle, flexibility of supply has more obvious advantages, but slightly less on current and jitter value
Therefore, at present, the need will still mainly traditional crystal oscillator as for higher requirements on accuracy, high speed communications, or a very good performance of the applications; the MEMS oscillator is likely to be even more application advantages, different types of technology products will be obtained in different areas as the development of the electronic components.

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